Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rest and Reading

I had a slight cold this week and was forced to take a rest day.  Its been a long time since I have done this. Stayed in pajamas all day. Drank tea and chicken soup. and caught up on some reading.

Mama was a missionary by Charles Ludwig is a book I started reading aloud to Emily and Jon several years ago. It is a story about Twyla Ludwig a missionary to Africa from 1927 to 1961.

When I started reading this book I had no idea that I would become a missionary..

While reading aloud, I had to skip a few parts, due to the delicate and morbid descriptions of the abuse of women in Africa. We laughed about so many cultural differences and funny things that happened in the story. Their ministry was starting churches and schools, teaching the men and women to work and study the Bible, with extra importance on teaching the women home skills, like child rearing, sewing, and cooking.

At one point during my personal struggling with the Lord about going to the Philippines, I stopped reading this book. I felt I was a hypocrite. I couldn't read it for about 1 month.

At the point where we returned to the story, the Lord used a particular chapter to show me that all of my struggle is very normal and these missionaries had those struggles as well.
Charles Ludwig, the author, struggled at times, and wrote one chapter, what a coincidence!!! right where we picked up, about how in his teen years, he rebelled against his parents a bit. He tells of getting to a point where he was so SICK and TIRED of hearing about all of his parents plans for NEW Africa and the girls home, the girls home, the girls home.....ahhhhh
and his very sad and humble plea for a bottle of  REAL ketchup for Christmas.

It had funny moments where an African man, a Christian, in his quest to find a wife, chose one who was "Plump and strong and could work longer in the garden than any of the other girls" . we all laughed at that one.....

Mrs Ludwig died  Dec 15, 1960 of a cerebral hemmorage, She was 70  years old. On Dec 14, 1960 she had told the girls at the school, "We're building a new Africa with Christ! We must do our best!!"

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trip to Philippines and Thailand

Sept 1 to Sept 18 , 2013

Need to write about this trip. I am keeping this space to remind me to come back and work on this.
Finally got to Manila, from Spokane WA, Portland OR, Tokyo Japan, and here is our little room. Next day, Fly Cebu Pacific Airlines to Tacloban, then car ride to Borongan, East Samar

I run for Benaiah 2014

I decided that for 2014 I will Swim, Bike, Run/walk for Benaiah Bardwell. Benaiah is the youngest son of my friends Dan and Laurel Bardwell.

I saw this idea on another runners page, that they would post their miles for someone else who had physical limitations. The purpose is to encourage the family in their day to day challenges and that they would know someone else is thinking of them and praying for them.  So I choose to Run for Benaiah, and to remember to Pray for him each time I Swim, Bike, Run this upcoming year .
Praise the Lord.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Autumn 2013

Emily and her new dog, Crockett. He is
3 yrs old Jack Russell Terrier 
a big fat praying mantis Emily found
out in our garden

Emily and Jon with new school books

Jon and Emily and Crockett

Crockett and Alamo, son and Father

 Caleb and Andrew dressed up for the HBC
Anniversary Meeting

Caleb is 16 and Andrew is almost 15, pretty close in height

They are doing the James Bond or model pose.....

Tree in our back yard Oct 20- Love those colors!!

Goal Board/Dream Board

Race Bib numbers for 2013

In business, some people inspire workers to make DREAM BOARDS.
This is a tool to encourage and challenge the worker in their
efforts. To put those goals visually in front of the worker day by day.
I was encouraged to make one for my Avon business last year and I did
I felt it was a help to me, so this year I created one for my Avon and Personal life combined.
I also encouraged my children to all make a dream/goal board for 2013 of things they would
like to accomplish in 2013. It was very uplifting and interesting to see the things they put on their boards.
Some of the childrens goals:
to pray for someone other than myself each day
to keep my room clean
to practice the piano more
and other.....

Sunday, September 22, 2013

5K for 2013

After 6 months of beginner triathlon training, I decided to wait on doing an actual triathlon til next year.  I am learning a lot and have made a lot of progress, but just don't feel confident in myself to do it. So I decided to continue training and plan for next year.

Of the 3 sports, running is the hardest for me. I love swimming and I love bicycling. I don't love to RUN.  I love the RUN after I get done!!! I usually have to drag myself to it either outside or on a treadmill or whatever, and afterwards I am ALWAYS glad I RAN.

So I signed up for a 5K
 Strides for Strong Bones Medical Lake WA Aug 17, 2013
Toni Thompson went and completed the race with me. Its so much more fun with a friend!!
Time was 51:53

PICTURES   HERE (must get pictures from Toni)

and then I signed up for another race 5K

Valley Fest for Downs Syndrome Spokane Valley WA
Sept 21, 2013

you can laugh at my pictures its ok!! lol     

Race morning, its raining
 Heading to the Finish line

                                                                                               at the Finish Line, I MADE IT!!! ahhhhh

I look like I am dying!!!!

The smile  of Victory!!
and I beat my previous time 49:30

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer 2013 photos


my new bike: Faith.
because we know that
...without faith it is impossible to please him. (Jesus)
Daddy and Josh and Caleb and Andy and Jon playing
Ady and Mo

March 1, 2000-August 12, 2013
Leah was our dog for 13 years. Rachel picked her out from a litter of puppies, when Leah was only 6 weeks old. Josh taught Leah how to shake. She was our family pet. We had a lot of laughs with Leah. The kids dressed her up in clothes. We called her Velcro Dog, because she stuck to Greg like Velcro.
We also called her Fatal attraction, because she would lay on Greg's lap and stare at him....She had a good life and was a good guard dog. She barked at intruders. She loved our friends Marco,  Angie Willis and Cameron, and Jenny Fish.  Leah was  very old and sick, her back legs no longer worked for her. . We had to take her to the Vet and say good bye to her. Our family was very sad.

Emily and I riding at Lake Cda
at the flaming turd trail

Thursday, August 1, 2013

You know you are a triathlon nerd when......

You know you are a triathlon nerd when........

1.My homeschool lesson consists of writing on the dry erase board, explaining to the children what 70.3 and 140.6 is.

2. My favorite magazines are Runners World and Bicycling.

3. My daughter who works at the Library brings me home every book the library carries on Triathlons/Triathletes.

4. I like to window shop in Bicycle stores and look at all the clothing and extra goodies...

5. Instead of snacking on candy bars, now I like to try different energy bars and gels and jelly beans that you eat while riding my bike.

6. I drink water out of my cycling water bottle all the time, not just when riding the bike.

7. I  like to explore new bike trails.

8. Eating changes from just eating what you like to eating as FUEL to keep you swimming/biking/running longer.....

9. I know what a brick is. I know what a cassette is. and I know how to change a tire.

10. I cheer for every person I see riding  a bicycle or running down the road.


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Dec08 whitestuff

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